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I'm trying to find a tax accountant for inheritance taxes.

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Accountant - Accountant Questions
1.20 What type of accountant makes the most money, is the most interesting, and is the most fulfilling overall?

Q. I want to become an accountant for sure. I'm researching, and I see that there are several different types of accountants. Tax, audit and enterprise risk, financial advisory, internal, and consulting. Out of these, which one is the most lucrative, interesting, and most fulfilling overall. Why?

A. Forensic Accounting is the most 'interesting type of accounting' possibly the most.. unexpected and out of the ordinary. however some people may like tax/audit/financial etc.. but i think for the most part those types of accounting are pretty... 'boring'. to become an accountant you need a CPA (in America or a CA in Canada) which requires you to have an undergraduate degree with certian courses. My suggestion is to start taking the undergraduate introduction to accounting courses to get a taste of the types of accounting before you choose what to specialize in.

1.20 What information does my accountant need for stock sales?

Q. I need to get info to my accountant about my stock sales this past year for personal income tax purposes. I keep a spreadsheet of the stock, date purchased & # of shares, date sold & # of shares, price of stock at time of purchase, and price of stock at time of sale. I've also calculated cost basis. But my accountant doesn't need all these numbers do they? What information should I give them?

A. Your preparer will charge dearly if he has to do the keypunching. Look at the IRS form 1040 schedule D-1 and build and excel spreadsheet with the same data. Take that on disk and paper to the preparer.

1.20 Is there an accountant out there willing to help me out via email or chat?

Q. I have an accounting issue and I could really use some help. If there is an accountant out there that is familiar with U.S./ New York income laws, that could email me or I could chat with on messenger I'd greatly appreciate it. It's probably a ten minute conversation via chat, or I could email you, and your response may take 5 or ten minutes of your time. Thank you in advance.

A. I'm a CPA in MA, and can try to help you.

1.20 As a chartered accountant, how much could i expect to earn yearly in Canada?

Q. I am training to become an accountant and would love to emigrate one day to Canada, what could i expect to earn?

A. Alot more than here, you'll probably have a home sooner than here so train then get yourself off there

1.20 What hours would a chartered accountant work in sydney at an audit firm?

Q. I want to work in Sydney and would like to know what work hours would a Chartered accountant work at an audit firm?

A. Most people work a 38 hour week, so like 8.30 to 5.30 with a unpaid lunch break. But some companies expect more, maybe an 8am start with a 6pm finish. You would be on a salary so there is no "overtime" Always best to ask at the interview what the core hours are. Most employers are flexible but always ask don't assume!

1.20 How much money does an accountant get paid?

Q. How much money does an accountant get paid per month and what G.C.S.Es, A-Levels and Qualifications will I need in order to become one?

A. There are lots of different accounting positions and a lot depends on what kind of college degree you have

1.20 How do i become a forensic accountant - i am starting a degree in accouting this year?

Q. I am starting a degree at Northumbria Uni in September. How do you become a forensic accountant and what do they earn?

A. Http://www.forensicaccounting.com/home.html Here is some information.

1.20 Is it smarter to pay an accountant or use turbo tax?

Q. I am a single male. I have one income from a job in Oklahoma and have also made revenue using Google Adsense. I also have a Mortgage. Is it smarter for me to use turbotax or hire an accountant?

A. My advice is always in favor of an actual CPA. They know about deductions that you may never have heard of. TurboTax and other software are only as good or as thorough as the user.

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 Accountant Planning your taxes, like a certified public accountant will tell you, is not something that you must leave till the end of the year when it's time to file taxes. Rather, you must be engaged in a continuous process of monitoring our finances and planning them so as to be able to claim deductions later. A CPA firm can help you do all this while you concentrate on business. If there are investments that you can make that make you eligible for tax deductions, then these cannot be left till the last date for filing taxes,, but must be done much earlier. With a certified public accountant by your side, you will find tax matters hassle free.

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